Week 3 photo gallery, 2020

Sometimes during a game, NFL officials get in a photographer's frame. With thanks to team photographers and Getty Images, here are photos of NFL officials in action during Week 3. From team photographers (click on photo to begin gallery): From Getty Images:

6 officiating things I’m watching in the 2020 NFL season

It's here. I never thought it would get here. Despite the 2020 covid-19 pandemic, we will start the 2020 NFL season Thursday.  Here is what I'm looking for as I zebra-watch this season. 1. What will the officials do to protect themselves? I have already stated my concerns about how officials can properly

No more clock-milking skullduggery in 2020

Embed from Getty Images Starting this season, the NFL will not allow the offense to milk the clock in the fourth quarter by intentionally fouling. The New England Patriots invented the tactic. The Patriots got a taste of their own medicine during last year's wildcard playoff with the Tennessee Titans. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTsvc9pkZ04 Clock starts on