NFL loses credibility in assigning replacement officials

The "blooper reel" of funny, frustrating, and exasperating NFL replacement official mistakes was very extensive going into Monday Night Football in Week 3.  In one call, the "Fail Mary" smashed the blooper reel with a granite rock of mayhem, bewilderment, chaos, frustration, and questions about the quality of the product

Protest of Fail Mary won’t reverse score

Many have asked whether the result of the game can be overturned by the commissioner. The league will listen to protests, and may even acknowledge the protest has merit, but every result of every game stands as final. Rule 17, Section 2 has detail on the commissioner's authority to vacate the

Beyond the tipping point, this is the drowning point

Week 3: Packers at Seahawks The NFL is a brand built on integrity. It has a historical image that goes back to coal-mining towns of Ohio and Pennsylvania, which laid the foundation for the spectacle that every week of the season brings. But, in order to leverage a labor dispute, the

Quick calls, Week 3

Did you see something from the replacement officials in Week 3? Let us know in the comments section of this post or tweet us @footballzebras. We will update this post periodically with some of the calls that got our attention. 4323

Replacement referee assignments, Week 3

We are expecting to get the officiating assignments piecemeal, rather than the full list. As we confirm, we will post here with the full spotters chart. In some cases, where the entire crew is not known to us, we have listed the crew that the head referee officiated with in