$55K fines, but 0 yards, assessed for Ravens’ face-altering, concussing hits

Week 13: Steelers at Ravens Two Ravens players who had hits that were not penalized were fined by the league Monday night. Haloti Ngata was fined $15,000 for a hit that Picassoed the face of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and should make sneezing a challenge (video of Big Ben's crooked nose here). Jameel McClain was

So Suh me! Hochuli, Esq., explains his call

Week 13: Bears at Lions As a follow-up to the Ndamukong Suh penalty, referee Ed Hochuli (whose weekday and offseason job is a trial lawyer) explained his call following Sunday's game, as he saw it: Q: The personal foul on Suh, exactly what did you call and why? Hochuli: I felt it was

Head ref tells ‘SNF’ crew it was helmet hit, but, please, there is no Steeler conspiracy

Week 13: Steelers at Ravens A third quarter hit on Steelers receiver Heath Miller by Ravens linebacker Jameel McClain sounded pretty bad (video and audio), and the Steelers' faithful were waiting for the penalty. There was none. Overruled by the main office. This was according to Sports Illustrated/Sunday Night Football reporter Peter

Suh’s 2nd personal foul for clean play

Week 13: Bears at Lions Ndamukong Suh, the Lions defensive tackle who was penalized erroneously for a horse-collar tackle two weeks ago, encores with another unearned 15-yarder. This time, head referee Ed Hochuli threw a flag on a tackle Suh made on Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. Hochuli, never one to conserve