Week 10 “Official Review”: ‘Should never happen, we accept responsibility for that’

Tough job this week for the NFL vice-president of officiating, Mike Pereira. Frequently, he will give in his weekly "Official Review" segment what we feel is the "clean-laundry" version of some of the disputable calls—sometimes under the cover of "it could go either way." However, there was no hiding from

Seahawks protest 17 calls

Week 10: Seahawks at Cardinals Seahawks coach Jim Mora is petitioning the league on 17 plays in Sunday's loss to the Cardinals, as reported by Danny O'Neil of The Seattle Times. While it is routine that coaches submit questionable calls to the league office, Mora said it was "probably three times

Oops, Browns get 4th timeout in 2nd half

Week 10: Ravens at Browns The fine folks over at Pro Football Talk have noted—and confirmed by a league source, the gamebook, and the game tape—that the Browns were awarded a fourth timeout in the second half of their Monday Night Football game with the Ravens. According to the gamebook: "Timeout #1 by

Cutler fined $20K for arguing with ref; Titans owner gives $ ¼M, 1-finger salute

Couple of stories of the NFL handing out fines for conduct: Backtracking to Week 9, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was fined $20,000 for arguing a call with referee Ed Hochuli. Cutler was flagged for a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Much like Chad Ochocinco's $1 facetious bribe the same day, this is

Why is replay so hard for Triplette crew?

We have reported on two instances where Jeff Triplette's crew had difficulty in getting basic information correct on replay reversals. First, in Week 5, Triplette and his crew spotted the ball 4½ yards behind where it was supposed to be. Then, last week, an overturned call should have created a