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Week 18 referee assignments

Referee assignments and playoff seeding possibilities for the final week of the 2021 NFL season.



Clete Blakeman will be the referee for Game 272 — the Sunday night game between the Chargers and the Raiders: the AFC West showdown which will determine who makes the AFC playoffs as a wild card team, and who will be watching the postseason from home. Carl Cheffers is off this week.

This post will be updated as the remainder of the Week 17 games are played.

In this final week of the regular season, two games will be played on Saturday, and the remaining games will be played on Sunday. Times listed are Eastern.

The matchups are listed below based on their impact on the playoff picture. Potential (or clinched) playoff seeds are shown in superscripted numbers, with zeroes indicating teams that have not clinched a playoff spot. All seeding possibilities exclude clinching scenarios that involve strength of victory and/or ties, unless a tie is the only result needed to clinch, or unless specifically stated otherwise.

Scheduled assignments are subject to change.

Update: The potential seedings and their impact on the playoff picture have been updated to reflect the Packers’ win over the Vikings on Sunday night, and the Steelers’ win over the Browns on Monday night.

Saturday, Jan. 8

Games with #1 seed implications

  • Chiefs1/2/3/4 at Broncos (4:30 p.m.) ABC ESPN — Brad Rogers

Games with seeding order implications

  • Cowboys2/3/4 at Eagles6/7 (8:15 p.m.) ABC ESPN — Ron Torbert

Sunday, Jan. 9

Games involved for the division title

  • Patriots1/2/3/5/6/7 at Dolphins — Alex Kemp
  • Jets at Bills2/3/4/5/6/7 — John Hussey
  • 49ers6/7/0 at Rams2/3/4/5 — Jerome Boger
  • Seahawks at Cardinals2/3/5 — Shawn Smith

Games to clinch a playoff berth

  • Colts5/6/7/0 at Jaguars — Clay Martin
  • Saints7/0 at Falcons — Craig Wrolstad
  • Steelers7/0 at Ravens7/0 — Shawn Hochuli
  • Chargers6/7/0 at Raiders5/6/7/0 (8:25 p.m.) NBC — Clete Blakeman

Games with #1 seed implications

  • Titans1/2/3/4 at Texans — Land Clark
  • Bengals1/2/3/4 at Browns — Bill Vinovich

Games with seeding order implications

  • Panthers at Buccaneers2/3/4 — Tony Corrente

No playoff implications

  • Packers1 at Lions — Scott Novak
  • WAS Football Team at Giants — Adrian Hill
  • Bears at Vikings — Brad Allen

End of regular season

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