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XFL Week 2 referee assignments

Here are the referee assignments for the second week of XFL action.



The XFL season continues this weekend with four more games as part of the Week 2 slate. The crews of John O’Neill and Tra Blake will make their XFL debuts this weekend. Follow our live coverage here and on our Twitter page, @footballzebras.

Game assignments are below. All times are Eastern.

Game assignments

Saturday, Feb. 15

New York Guardians at DC Defenders, 2 p.m. ABC

R 14 John O’Neill Big Ten
C 82 Ron Turner SEC
U 86 William Thomas ACC
D 47 Rod Ammari Pac-12
L 28 Tom Eaton SEC
F 96 Sebrina Brunson SEC
S 72 Justin Larrew SEC
B 90 Tyree Walton Big 12
  • Replay official: Terri Valenti
  • Ball spotter: Derek Hatten
  • Supervisor: Steve Strimling

Tampa Bay Vipers at Seattle Dragons, 5 p.m. FOX

R 9 Tra Blake ACC
C 22 Larry Smith Big Ten
U 50 Francisco Villar Pac-12
D 8 James Wharrie Pac-12
L 54 Quentin Givens Big 12
F 67 Max Causey Conference USA
S 62 LaShell Nelson Conference USA
B 25 Grantis Bell SEC
  • Replay official: Saleem Choudhry
  • Ball spotter: Charles Giles
  • Supervisor: Chuck Bresnahan

Sunday, Feb. 16

Dallas Renegades at Los Angeles Wildcats, 3 p.m. ABC

R 2 Reggie Smith Big 12
C 27 Adam Savoie ACC
U 35 Brad Hudak Big Ten
D 11 Dale Keller Pac-12
L 21 Maia Chaka Conference USA
F 63 Daniel Gautreaux SEC
S 94 Maurice Pierre Conference USA
B 29 Jimmy DeBell Conference USA
  • Replay official: Glenn King
  • Ball spotter: Jace Carlson
  • Supervisor: Wes Booker

St. Louis Battlehawks at Houston Roughnecks, 6 p.m. FS1

R 84 Jeff Heaser ACC
C 33 Chris Snead SEC
U 49 Scott Campbell Big 12
D 17 Cravonne Barrett Pac-12
L 55 Robin DeLorenzo Big Ten
F 6 Lo Van Pham Big 12
S 91 Frank Steratore Big Ten
B 58 Joe Johnston Pac-12
  • Replay official: Robert Lu
  • Ball spotter: Jason LaBorde
  • Supervisor: Larry Upson


Sorting out flags: pre-announcement discussion

Another great example of the XFL allowing us to listen in on officiating conferences. This is Reggie Smith and his crew determining whether the result of the play was an incomplete pass or an empty-hand fumble, whether or not there was intentional grounding, and the subsequent enforcement of a penalty for illegal use of hands.

XFL’s first three-point try attempt

The first three-point try attempt of the XFL season was successfully converted. While the play is supposed to be attempted from the 10-yard line, a five yard penalty for defensive 12-men on the field aided the Los Angeles Wildcats. A foul on a try is enforced as normal, but a team attempting a try cannot change their mind after declaring how many points they want to attempt for, even if they call a timeout or accept a penalty.

SJ Steratore nails illegal touching call

Side judge Frank Steratore flags Roughnecks receiver Sammie Coates for illegal touching on this touchdown reception. Coates stepped out of bounds, re-established in bounds, and became the first player to touch the pass. As in the NFL, the penalty for illegal touching of a forward pass is a loss of down, and no yardage.

Cam Filipe is a forensic scientist from Massachusetts and has been involved in football officiating for 11 years. Cam is in his third season as a high school football official. This is his eighth season covering NFL officiating for Football Zebras.

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