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Hurry-up offense means hurry-up officiating mechanics

Hurried mechanics increase the danger of officials making a mistake The two-minute offense has been in effect since the invention of the scoreboard clock.  The no-huddle offense became in vogue 25-years ago.  Both strategies are here to stay and offenses are … Continue reading

‘I saw it on film’: What do officials do when coach puts little ‘bug’ in their ears?

Coaches love to alert officials to opponent’s rule violations From Pop Warner to the NFL, every officiating crew meets with the head coach individually before each game.  The purpose of the meeting is to: Make sure all players are properly … Continue reading

All in the family: NFL referee style

Sunday night was Hochuli ×2 (‘Gun and Pistol’ night?) Earlier this week, NFL back judge Steve Freeman officiated a game with his son, Brad.  Also this week, Ed Hochuli got to officiate a preseason game with his son, Shawn.  Both … Continue reading

NFL officials have to work harder in blowouts, poorly played games

The Monday Night Football game between the New York Jets and the Tennessee Titans was almost universally panned as a boring and poorly played game.  Walt Coleman’s crew was, by far, the best and most efficient of the teams on … Continue reading

Officials can find fountain of youth on field

[Update: Because Tom Barnes was scheduled to officiate today's game, we carried this story despite the lack of a second source to confirm he was still active. A decision was made by the editor, based on other press commentary Barnes … Continue reading

Are full-time stripes a negotiation snag?

From that I’ve read and heard, the most talked about lockout issue coming from the NFL Referees Association is the pension plan. Currently the officials receive a traditional pension when they retire, and, apparently the NFL wants to make the officials’ retirement funda … Continue reading