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‘I saw it on film’: What do officials do when coach puts little ‘bug’ in their ears?

Coaches love to alert officials to opponent’s rule violations From Pop Warner to the NFL, every officiating crew meets with the head coach individually before each game.  The purpose of the meeting is to: Make sure all players are properly … Continue reading

Mike Pereira grades three Week 13 calls

Former officials’ boss says the intentional grounding safety on 49ers a bad call Former NFL vice president for officiating and current FOX Sports football officiating analyst Mike Pereira broke down three very interesting plays from Week 13, including an intentional … Continue reading

Officials need to own up to mistakes

There is no worse feeling for a football official than when they blow a call.  An official would rather be knocked over by Brian Urlacher at full speed than miss a call.  And in officiating, the worst call one can … Continue reading