NFL retractable roof policies

The operation of retractable roofs are subject to the ground rules set by the NFL. Retractable roofs are installed in the home fields of the Cardinals, Colts, Cowboys, Falcons, and Texans. These procedures are covered in the league's policy manuals, not in the rulebook. Pregame procedure Up to 90 minutes prior to

Quick calls: Week 4

Look for updates later in the day. If you see something, you can add a comment to this post or reduce it to 140 characters or less (@footballzebras). Giants at Cardinals Victor Cruz's catch has become its own post. Jerome Boger's crew had a simultaneous timeout call from the Giants' sideline and a

Week 3 open forum, assignments

Use the comments area or hit us on Twitter (@footballzebras) for any questionable calls in Week 3. We will be tied up today, so check back later for our quick takes. Referee assignments are after the jump. Quick calls Things at Zebra Blog headquarters didn't allow us for updates today. I got caught