Week 2 open forum, assignments

Entering Week 2, let us know in the comments or @footballzebras if you see anything in this week's games that seems to be the wrong call. Referee assignments after the jump. Quick calls Browns at Colts | 2nd quarter | :38 remaining. A touchdown run by Peyton Hillis was reviewed and reversed.

Raider coach not fined for bumping ref

Week 6: Eagles at Raiders Some late news from Week 6, as Jay Glazer of Fox Sports.com reports that Raiders coach Tom Cable avoided being fined for bumping an official in the game against the Eagles. Following a interception return for a touchdown that was nullified by a pass interference penalty, Cable

Ravens comments, bench foul not fined

Week 4: Ravens at Patriots As we had expressed earlier, none of the Baltimore Ravens (most vocally, Ray Lewis) were fined for postgame commentary on the Patriots game. Since, again, the frustration was with the rules and not the officiating, I think it was wise for the league to not assess