5 things to look for as you zebra watch this season

Embed from Getty Images   It's here. It's time. As the games kick off today, here's what I'm watching. Will there be fewer administrative errors this year? There is a new protocol this season where the replay official or Dean Blandino can consult with the referee to correct any rules misapplication, missed down or

Presnap action is point of emphasis in 2016

Embed from Getty Images   2016 Points of Emphasis Within the six major points of emphasis for the 2016, there are focuses on player safety and competitiveness. Among the latter, presnap movement is a target area for officials to crack down on this season in order to limit potential advantages by offenses. As a result

Offenses subject to ‘reasonable time’ rule

The conspiracy machine got some gas in preseason with the suggestion that officials are given the authority to limit offensive schemes through controlling the pace of the game. In a Wall Street Journal article, a connection was drawn between a new point of emphasis and the offense employed by incoming