NFL—CFL officiating exchange not happening in 2021

In a move most likely attributed to the closed border between the United States and Canada, the NFL–CFL officiating exchange will not happen in 2021. Instituted in 2016, the NFL–CFL Officiating Development Program gives NFL and CFL officials more experience. Over the years, several NFL officials worked CFL games in late

NFL sends 4 officials north to call CFL games

Two rookie NFL officials, one member of the Officiating Development Program and one veteran NFL official have been working north this summer to call Canadian Football League games.  This is the fourth year of the NFL-CFL Officiating Exchange Program. The NFL officials calling CFL games this year are: Side judge Keith Washington Rookie Jimmy

NFL and CFL continue officiating partnership The Canadian Football League and the NFL will continue to exchange officials in the early part of the CFL season and the NFL preseason. This is the third year of the NFL-CFL officiating exchange program. NFL officials will go north of the border in the summer and call games in the first

Video: Jabir Walker talks about working CFL games

Field judge Jabir Walker is working Canadian Football League preseason games as part of the NFL-CFL Officiating Development Program. Walker is joined by colleagues Dale Shaw (field judge), Dave Meslow (side judge) and rookie official Alan Eck (side judge) as NFL officials who are working CFL games this summer. Later

NFL and Canadian Football League announce officiating partnership

Embed from Getty Images     Officials from the NFL will get a chance to work Canadian Football League (CFL) games and vice-versa starting this summer, as part of a new agreement announced by both leagues this week, called the NFL-CFL Officiating Development Program. This summer, NFL officials will work CFL preseason and early