New for 2017: No dawdling

Embed from Getty Images   The NFL, in trying to get all the commercials played yet get off the air in time for 60 Minutes, wants the officials and teams to hustle between the try for point or field goal and the ensuing kickoff and not to wait for TV if there

Kickoff touchbacks will be at the 25 for another year

Embed from Getty Images The NFL is extending a temporary rule this year that moves kickoff touchbacks to the 25. All other touchbacks (punts into and defensive recoveries into the end zone) will come out to the 20. This was an experimental rule for 2016, and the owners voted to extend that

10-second runoff rule expands by one minute

Embed from Getty Images New for 2017, the NFL is expanding the 10-second runoff rule. This season the 10-second runoff applies after the two-minute warning instead of the last minute of the half. A 10-second runoff happens when a certain fouls, injuries, and replay situations stop the clock near the end of