League reboots search for new VP of refs

It is not exactly America's Got Talent, but finding the new vice president of officiating is turning out to be one tough audition. Peter King of SI.com is reporting that the league is restarting its process to find a replacement for current officeholder Mike Pereira. Pereira announced on the NFL Network

Boom! NFL names Madden special adviser to commish

John Madden John Madden's retirement from broadcasting was short-lived. No, he's not returning to the airwaves, but will work with the league in a consultant role. The league announced today that Madden, the former CBS/Fox/ABC/NBC color commentator and Raiders coach, was appointed as an unpaid adviser with the league.

NFL makes hasty rule adjustments for overhead objects

After only two full quarters in the new Cowboys Stadium, a punt banged into the overhead video screen, despite its 90-foot clearance. The NFL spent less than a week to make the ruling clear on how such anomalies are handled. From the NFL: After consulting with the Competition Committee and NFL staff,

Commish says new OT rules may be considered

In his second annual State of the League address, Commissioner Roger Goodell stated that the Competition Committee would be looking at a possible revision to the overtime rules. This idea has new traction after Peyton Manning watched the entire overtime period from the bench in the Colts' Wild Card loss