2 generations of officials are at polar opposites when signaling the big call

A few weeks ago, our own Cam Filipe posted his Call of the Week, and he noted the calm, under-control signal by the covering official. https://twitter.com/footballzebras/status/1572626534661341184 "This isn't the 1980s," Cam noted. I resemble that remark! But it did cause me to reflect on how officials signal a call and how the

Football officials free to leave the field when the game is over

The end of this week's Monday Night Football game featured some angry moments as both teams came together to shake hands at the end of a hard-fought game. https://streamable.com/6a966d While plenty of media reported the incident, you'll notice the officials were nowhere to be found. That's because the officials' responsibility ends the moment

Look for the umpire and back judge to spot the ball during 2-minute drill

There was a ton of consternation this playoff season about the officials spotting the ball during the frantic final seconds of the football game. If there is a two-minute drill this weekend, here is what should happen. First of all, look for players to assist the officials in getting the ball spotted. https://streamable.com/cppnc6 The

The NFL umpire is more stationary this season

This year, Walt Anderson, senior vice president of officiating training and development, trained the officials to get in position and be stationary at the apex of a play. The philosophy is that a stationary official's eyes will be still and he'll be able to zero in and focus on the

With a thin bench, the NFL hopes to have full crews for the final weeks of the season

NFL teams have no more bye weeks for the rest of the 2020 season. That means only one crew will be on a bye week in Week 17 (16 games, 17 crews). With covid-19 a constant threat, the NFL has to be crossing its fingers that full crews of seven will be

NFL officiating is focusing on end-of-half procedures

A scramble at the end of the first half of the Monday evening game has the NFL officiating department focusing on their procedures when there is a running clock at the end of the half. With seconds to go in the second quarter without timeouts on 3rd & 16 from