Super Bowl LV photo gallery

Final one of the year! With thanks to team photographers and Getty Images, here is the Super Bowl LV crew on the field. From Getty Images: From team photographers: Sarah Thomas (Kansas City Chiefs)Rusty Baynes (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)Dino Paganelli (center) with James Coleman in the foreground (Tampa Bay Buccaneers).Sarah Thomas (Kansas City

A salute to the veterans in stripes

We recognize with profound respect all those who have served our country on this day, and we salute the veterans on the NFL officiating staff. LJ59 Rusty Baynes, U.S. Marine Corps, 1988-94 LJ44 SSgt. Frank LeBlanc, Texas Army National Guard, 1983-2004 FJ109 Dyrol Prioleau, U.S. Air Force, 1982-2005 SJ31 Tech Sgt. Mearl Robinson, U.S.