Can umpire make calls for referee?

Former umpire Jim Daopoulos breaks down responsibilities There was a play in the Texans-Patriots divisional playoff game that seemed curious to me.  Late in the second quarter referee Tony Corrente flagged the Texans for roughing the kicker.  Umpire Garth DeFelice consulted with Corrente, and the referee turned on his microphone and

Fail Mary replay official moved off SNF

Football Zebras exclusive Referee Tony Corrente will have his entire crew on the field tonight, but in the replay booth, there was a last-minute substitution. Replay official Howard Slavin works with Corrente's crew this season, but the league pulled him to avoid a potential controversy with the Packers. While replacement officials worked

Microphone is ref’s friend for no-sense rules

It elicits snickers from football fans when it happens, and it sometimes trends on Twitter. Referee Ed Hochuli turns on his microphone to explain a ruling, and some fans joke that it is NFL open mic night. An example from 2009: We reviewed whether the ball was fumbled down near the

Expect fill-in referees into regular season

[Editor's note: Starting with this post, we will be contributing a regular column to the National Football Post. We are pleased to be collaborating with them this season. The National Football Post is a comprehensive source of news and opinion of the many angles of our favorite sport.] In the history

Freak on-field incident reveals cancer diagnosis for Tony Corrente

Sometimes a story comes along that completely alters one's perspective. Referee Tony Corrente has such a story. We mentioned Saturday that Corrente, officiating the Lions-Saints game, something we knew and did not disclose for several weeks, in deference to his privacy: he was being treated for throat cancer. Only after it became public

Week 1 open forum, assignments

We're back. If you see a call from Week 1 that deserves our attention, add it to the comments section of this post. Referee assignments are after the jump. Quick calls Steelers at Ravens | 1st quarter | 2:47 remaining | video. One of the first uses of the new all-touchdowns-subject-to-review rule