Back to basics: The foundation of good officiating

View image | The individual and collective psyche of NFL officials may be shaken after several rough games in the 2015 season. There are a few techniques that officials can use to help break out of real or perceived slump. One of the best techniques is getting back to the

Happy May 15: 2014 season begins for NFL officials

May 15 is a significant date for NFL officials.  It is the first day that the NFL starts communicating with their men in stripes.  As part of the union's collective bargaining agreement, the NFL does not communicate with officials from January 1 to May 15 of each year (with the

5 major issues on the NFL Competition Committee agenda

Committee to consider rule changes next week How do you change a NFL rule?  A rule change first has to pass muster with the Competition Committee.  There are several rule proposals floated during the season as potential problems and issues arise on the field.  The committee meets in Florida next week

NFL getting their stripes in a row for 2014

League has several shoes to fill in the offseason The Super Bowl is fast fading into the rear view mirror and we now enter what is called the "dark period" in regard to NFL officiating.  According to the collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and the NFL Referees Association, there is

Pereira: Officials botch two penalty enforcements in Week 3

Last year it was a rash of inadvertent whistles.  This year the officials are having trouble enforcing penalties.  Former NFL vice president for officiating and current Fox Sports rules analyst Mike Pereira says the officials missed two penalty enforcements in two different games on Sunday. Pereira broke down the play in Minneapolis

2013 rule changes will challenge officials

The NFL has announced the 2013 rule changes.  In most years, the rule changes are easy for the officials to adapt to and does not give extra headaches to the men in stripes.  All but one of the 2013 rule changes seem fairly benign.  Officiating-wise, I would say two rule