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Official Review: line to gain, hits on QB kneeldown

NFL vice-president of officiating Dean Blandino has two items in this week’s “Official Review” segment (video): The review of a spot in the Patriots-Falcons game that was deemed inconclusive Why the hit on Bills quarterback  E.J. Manuel by Ravens linebacker … Continue reading

Week 12 ‘Official Review’: Turkey Day replay, 4th & 29 measure, quick whistle

video 1 (streaming) | video 2 (streaming) | video 3 (222 MB download) Busy, busy Week 12 in officiating, so let’s look at what the officiating department is discussing for “Official Review.” NFL director of officiating and head of instant … Continue reading

Week 11 ‘Official Review’: Breaking plane can’t be ruled on obscured shots

video Since I was waiting for a second video to be posted (and there was not one), this got lost in the shuffle of the Thanksgiving weekend. Only one call for “Official Review” from Week 11 with vice president of … Continue reading

‘Official Review’ Week 10: tuck rule overrule, running clock, process of catch

NFL Network revives ‘Official Review’ segment with false start (video 1) (video 2) Update: This post was published when NFL.com uploaded only one of the videos this afternoon, and now our commentary reflects the segment broadcast on NFL Network. Hope … Continue reading

‘Official Review’ returns to NFL Network

With questionable calls lately, segment to air 1st time since ’10 A popular segment that highlights NFL rules and NFL officiating is making a return to the NFL Network.  In a news release, the NFL Network announced that “Official Review” … Continue reading

VP of officiating likes the Tuck Rule

Contrasting to his predecessor’s opinion, vice-president of officiating Carl Johnson has defended the rule that, until the recent arrival of “the process of the catch,” was considered one of the sport’s worst. It is the dreaded Tuck Rule, added to … Continue reading

Week 16 “Offical Review”: Catch and control, keeping fumble in bounds

We haven’t been reviewing the “Official Review” segments on the NFL Network this season since its debut under Carl Johnson. Johnson, the new vice-president of officiating, has not appeared on the network’s signature program NFL Total Access on a weekly … Continue reading

“Official Review” returns with new ref VP: helmets and dead balls, celebrations

The NFL Network welcomed the new vice-president of officiating, Carl Johnson, in the return of its “Official Review” segment. A spokesperson for the network explained that the transition of Johnson in the new position caused the segment to be placed … Continue reading

NFL Network gives less official review with Competition Committee segment

During the search to replace Mike Pereira as vice-president of officiating, we commented that Pereira’s replacement must have the talent to be the most visible  member of NFL management. By virtue of the weekly “Official Review” segment on the NFL … Continue reading

Clock may be reviewable for ’09 playoffs

Usually we will give a complete rundown of the “Official Review” segment from the NFL officiating department, but we wanted to advance the news out of that segment to its own post first. A tip-off to a rare midseason rule … Continue reading