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NFL officials experiment with wireless in-game communication

You may have noticed some officials wearing rock-star like microphones and ear pieces during some preseason games.  The NFL has confirmed that it is having its officials experiment with wireless official-to-official communication gear during selected games this August.  Vice president … Continue reading

Really, again?! Replay officials still negotiating CBA for 2013 season

NFL officials are starting their training camp, but the replay officials are not covered by a collective bargaining agreement. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Continue reading

NFL fixed grades for desired Super Bowl ref

It is believed in officiating circles that the Super Bowl assignment was a predetermined result and that his performance grades were fixed to attain that result. Continue reading

NFL denies playoff assignments set

The NFL is denying the Football Zebras.com report that the playoff assignments for the officials have already been decided. “Postseason assignments have not yet been determined,” said NFL vice president of football communications Michael Signora. “The evaluation and grading process … Continue reading

NFL alters playoff assignment procedure

The procedure for the assigning officials to playoff games will be slightly different this season. In previous seasons, the league assigned the eight highest ranking crews to the first two rounds of the playoffs, rather than by individual merit. Individual … Continue reading