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5 observations from conference championship weekend

It was a great weekend of football, and the conference championship officiating crews did well by their respective games. 1. Umpire Bill Schuster had the game of his life Number 129 was everywhere Sunday night.  He jumped in between potential … Continue reading

Officiating experts grade Week 14 officials

Referee in Colts – Titans game never got replay shot to overturn Luck pick six The NFL’s most prominent officiating experts had much to say about the officiating for Week 14.  Former NFL vice president for officiating and FOX Sports … Continue reading

NFL should consider NCAA replay model

After Further Review: A look at the NFL replay review system Part 1 of a 4-part series After many confusing games this season where instant replay was the focal point, it might be time for the NFL to do away … Continue reading

Week 12 ‘Official Review’: Turkey Day replay, 4th & 29 measure, quick whistle

video 1 (streaming) | video 2 (streaming) | video 3 (222 MB download) Busy, busy Week 12 in officiating, so let’s look at what the officiating department is discussing for “Official Review.” NFL director of officiating and head of instant … Continue reading

Green crew should’ve shut down ugly play

Saints at Falcons (video) This was a downright sloppy play by Scott Green’s crew on Thursday night no matter how you look at it, even though the final ruling on the play was correct. Falcons running back Michael Turner seemed … Continue reading

Red-flag rule subject to review

In the last two weeks, the Falcons (video) and the Lions have both been burned by throwing a red challenge flag on a play subject to automatic review. All indications are this rule will be changed, including comments from the … Continue reading

HL, chain gang use special equipment to keep chains accurate on the field

You’ve seen it before; a sweep comes to the sideline and the ball carrier and several other players go crashing out of bounds while the chain gang drops their equipment and runs for their lives.  With the advent of instant … Continue reading

Officiating experts break down Week 12 calls

Pereira and Daopoulos analyze the officials Former NFL vice president of officiating and current Fox Sports officiating expert Mike Pereira and former NFL supervisor and current NBC Sports Network officiating expert Jim Daopoulos had many situations to explain during their … Continue reading

Hochuli without primetime microphone, may be on defense for scoreboard peek

Week 15: Packers at Patriots Referee Ed Hochuli won’t have the benefit of his informative public-address announcements to defend a flag in the second quarter of the Sunday night game. Mike Reiss of ESPNBoston.com reports a helmet-to-helmet hit by Patriots cornerback … Continue reading

Week 13 “Official Review”: Free shots are concern, disputed OT call deemed right

The calls under “Official Review” by league vice-president of officiating Mike Pereira (video, part 1 and part 2): The oft-talked-about play of the week (video), where a down-by-contact ruling for the Redskins was overruled as a fumble and recovery for … Continue reading