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Quick calls: Week 1

Did you see a call in the kickoff weekend that needs our attention? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @footballzebras. We have the week 1 assignments and the crew lists available for your review.

Boger backtracks on ‘bump’; do officials apply double standard to DQ a QB?

Cam disses ref: ’disrespect,’ luckily it wasn’t disqualification Week 16: Raiders at Panthers Panthers quarterback Cam Newton might have revealed a double standard for ejecting quarterbacks. Although there are no official statistics kept, the most recent (and only) instance I can … Continue reading

Redskins DeAngelo Hall fined for actions against an official

The Washington Redskins DeAngelo Hall was fined $30,000 by the NFL yesterday for his Week 8 incident (video) with an NFL official during the game between the Redskins and Pittsburgh Steelers on October 28.  Ian Rapoport of nfl.com reported the … Continue reading

Finnegan, Johnson ejected, face suspension for violent on-field brawl

Week 12: Titans at Texans Rarely do any fistfights in football inflict damage on the combatants. However, Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan and Texans receiver Andre Johnson found a way around that and had one of the most violent fights in … Continue reading

3 confusing calls in Sunday night game

Week 14: Eagles at Giants We have three calls for analysis—all three called correctly—from the Eagles–Giants game that will likely end up on this week’s “Official Review.” View the highlights of the game in addition to our analysis: McNabb incomplete … Continue reading

Runaway locomotive hit on fair catch spawns ejection, brawl, maybe suspension

Week 6: Panthers at Buccaneers Dante Wesley of the Panthers was ejected for a flagrant hit on kick returner Clifton Smith of the Buccaneers. Smith called for a fair catch, and Wesley flattened him to the turf long before the … Continue reading

Bizarre quirk in fair-catch interference rule hits Titans; Jones ejected for punch

Week 2: Texans at Titans Back to Nashville we go for a fluke of a play that resulted in an extraordinary penalty. By the rules, it is a correct call. At the end of the third quarter, the Texans’ Jacoby … Continue reading