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First-year BJ Dale Shaw ices tight call on Ravens’ epic game-winning TD

Rookie officials get their trial by fire at some point of their first season.  Rookie back judge Dale Shaw faced his trial in a frigid Week 14 in Baltimore between the Ravens and Vikings.  In a game where the lead … Continue reading

Fumble scrum requires maximum officiating skills

The officials lost control of the Monday Night Football Game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Denver Broncos on one play.  The breakdown happened with :02 in the first quarter as Knowshon Moreno fumbled the ball and there was a … Continue reading

NFL officials overrule partners using teamwork

Any one of them can either do or not do something that saves the crew or kills the crew — either one. — former NFL referee Red Cashion in The Third Team by Richard Lister There was a great deal of … Continue reading

Week 17 open forum, assignments

Did a referee drop a call like the ball in Times Square? Let us know in the comments. Referee assignments are listed after the jump. Quick Updates Cowboys at Eagles. Cowboys coach Jason Garrett attempted to challenge the spot of … Continue reading

Morelli crew gives Steelers 9-yd 1st down

Week 15: Jets at Steelers A failure in basic officiating crew mechanics is rare in the NFL. While there is room for argument on a judgment call or a missed call, errors in mechanics are inexcusable. In the second quarter on a … Continue reading