Seahawks protest 17 calls

Week 10: Seahawks at Cardinals Seahawks coach Jim Mora is petitioning the league on 17 plays in Sunday's loss to the Cardinals, as reported by Danny O'Neil of The Seattle Times. While it is routine that coaches submit questionable calls to the league office, Mora said it was "probably three times

Cards’ final play, again, evades replay review

Week 1: 49ers at Cardinals It seems the Arizona Cardinals cannot finish a game without a controversial call on the last play of the game. In the first outing following the controversial game-ending fumble in Super Bowl XLIII, the Cardinals found themselves, again, in a last-second desperation call. With eight seconds left

Cards OL yanked after bumping ref

Preseason Week 4: Cardinals at Broncos No video to show, but the Associated Press reported that Cardinals offensive lineman Elton Brown bumped referee Mike Carey near the end of the first half of the final preseason game. He was ejected for the contact. According to the story and his coach, the bump

Head of refs firm on fumble, but should have been reviewed

Mike Pereira, the NFL vice president of officiating, conducted his last "Official Review" segment (video) of the season on the NFL Network today. Periera is retiring at the conclusion of next season. Pereira did acknowledge the controversy about not having Kurt Warner's fumble on the last play reviewed: Looking back at it

No further review on Cards’ last play

Super Bowl XLIII: Pittsburgh vs. Cardinals Officials don't win or lose games. The Cardinals had a three-point lead with 2:47 remaining in the fourth quarter. So, rather the defense is mostly responsible for the outcome, rather than the denial of a last-second desperation play. Kurt Warner's last ditch effort did, however, deserve

What if it was a 99-yard interception return?

Super Bowl XLIII: Steelers vs. Cardinals James Harison's goal-line-to-goal-line run fortunately, and correctly, survived the replay review, but would not have been entirely disasterous if overturned. Even though time expired during the play, an Arizona facemask call would have given the Steelers another shot at the end zone. Being a personal foul,