Week 7 referee assignments

Embed from Getty Images Craig Wrolstad is the referee for the Thursday night AFC West game between the Chiefs and Raiders. In addition, Gene Steratore is working the Super Bowl LI rematch in Foxborough, Mass., and Brad Allen is working the third London game of the season between the Cardinals and Rams. The Lions and Texans have a bye with the crews of Pete Morelli and John Parry off this week.  Thursday, Oct. 19 Chiefs at Raiders  CBS NFLN   —  Craig Wrolstad Sunday, Oct. 22 Cardinals vs. Rams (London, 9:30 a.m. ET)  —  Brad Allen Buccaneers at Bills  —  Clete Blakeman Panthers at Bears  —  Walt Anderson Titans at Browns 

Week 6 referee assignments

Embed from Getty Images Pete Morelli will have his crew on the Thursday night game when the Eagles visit the Panthers. The Bills, Bengals, Cowboys, and Seahawks have a bye, meaning there are three crews off this week: Jerome Boger, Terry McAulay, and Craig Wrolstad. Thursday, Oct. 12 Eagles at Panthers  CBS NFLN   —  Pete Morelli Sunday, Oct. 15 Bears at Ravens  —  Ed Hochuli Packers at Vikings  —  Ron Torbert 49ers at Washington  —  John Parry Lions at Saints  —  Jeff Triplette Dolphins at Falcons  —  John Hussey Browns at Texans  —  Brad Allen Patriots at Jets  —  Tony Corrente Buccaneers at Cardinals  —  Gene Steratore Rams at Jaguars  —  Walt Coleman Chargers at

2017 rule changes

New for 2017: No dawdling

Embed from Getty Images   The NFL, in trying to get all the commercials played yet get off the air in time for 60 Minutes, wants the officials and teams to hustle between the try for point or field goal and the ensuing kickoff and not to wait for TV if there is a replay challenge. In 2014, the average time of a NFL game was 3:06. It creeped up to 3:09 last year. For 2017, the NFL has new mechanics to move the game along. Hustle up After the extra point or successful field goal, the 40-second play clock starts. The officials and teams


Learning never stops at the top levels for officials

  One of the consistent qualities for top-notch officials is that they are coachable. Coaches love it when one of their star players is coachable, and officials need that same quality. A master learns an early lesson Midway through his Big 10 officiating career, referee Jerry Markbreit learned a lesson. A deep pass went for a touchdown -- or so he thought. As soon as he saw an official go up with a touchdown, he turned to the press box and flashed the signal. When he looked again, he saw that another official over-ruled the calling official, and the play was incomplete. In his

Browns missed momentum shift on an ‘incomplete backward pass’

Week 4: Bengals at Browns The Browns were trailing 21-0 entering the third quarter, and needed a big break to potentially turn the game around. On a first down, Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton fired a quick lateral pass that was broken up by Browns cornerback Jason McCourty. As soon as the pass was released, there was a question as to whether the pass was going forward or backward. Obviously, if it was a backward pass it would have been a loose ball and recoverable by the Browns after McCourty blocked the pass. The Browns lost the opportunity to recover the ball and