Officiating video: Blandino breaks down 3 Super Bowl LI calls

NFL senior vice president of officiating Dean Blandino broke down three calls from Super Bowl LI in his weekly video for the media. The first play is a potential pass/fumble with special forward fumble rule implications. The first play after the two-minute warning in the second quarter, there was a potential

Officiating video: Championship momentum, fumble challenge, and faceguarding

NFL senior vice president of officiating Dean Blandino reviewed three calls from the Conference Championship games in his weekly officiating video. Momentum rule/touchback. The touchback ruling on the Falcons fumble recovery was discussed, essentially covering the points in our previous post. The momentum rule that was invoked on this play was expanded

Week 14 officiating video: Patriot Games

Embed from Getty Images   Dean Blandino released the weekly officiating video covering a number of calls in the Patriots vs. Ravens Monday Night Football game (video). He covered the forward progress rule when it pertains to a sack, as opposed to a run. Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was hit early in the

Officiating video: Clearing linemen from the path of a leaping kick blocker

Senior vice president of officiating Dean Blandino reviewed some of the rules and interpretations in the Week 10 officiating video (below). First, the blocked-extra-point-kick-turned-defensive-two-point-conversion play that was the game-winning score for the Broncos was discussed. The tactics by the defensive tackles to essentially lower the Saints offensive line were legal. By