How the NFL grooms an official for the referee position

In the past two seasons, we have seen seven NFL officials promoted to referee due to multiple white hat retirements. While we speculate on who will be the next referee promoted, the NFL actually has a Referee Training Program in place to identify, train, and mentor potential referees well before

SEC referee Matt Austin leaves the field for the TV studio

According to a news release, long-time Southeastern Conference referee Matt Austin has retired from active officiating and will join ESPN and the SEC Network as an officiating expert. This is a newly created role by ESPN and the SEC. Austin will contribute to weekly games and studio shows from the SEC

Pro Football Hall of Fame expands nominations for Class of 2020, opening door wider for officials

In conjunction with the league’s centennial, the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s board of 29 trustees voted today to expand the Class of 2020 from the usual 8 inductees to 20. The class will include 10 senior nominees, 5 modern players, 2 coaches, and 3 contributors. With this expansion in the

Centralized replay will intercede in all potential ejections this year, not just fights Starting this year, centralized replay in the Art McNally Game Day Center can weigh in on all potential game ejections. The rule is an expansion to a rule last year that made certain ejection situations reviewable. Last year, the rule called for centralized replay to step in and review fights and