John Parry, Super Bowl LIII referee, retires

Second straight year for Super Bowl referee to retire John Parry, a three-time Super Bowl official and referee for Super Bowl LIII, has retired. Update: Parry has joined ESPN as the Monday Night Football rules analyst. This marks seven referee retirements in the last two seasons. Walt Coleman and Pete Morelli retired

More Pac-12 officiating controversy: 3 retired officials blast officiating leadership

Three recently retired Pac-12 Conference officials, who have on field and instant replay experience, made public a letter excoriating the Pac-12 overall and their officiating leadership. Officials Fred Gallagher, Mack Gilchrist, and Chuck Czubin wrote the letter to commissioner Larry Scott, and director of officiating David Coleman. The three officials retired

New proposal to add fouls to replay will not fix no-calls

After just over two months of NFL fans, coaches, and players calling for changes to the sphere of plays covered by instant replay, the Competition Committee has proposed making fouls for pass interference, roughing the passer, and hits on a defenseless player subject to review, the first proposal of its

Competition Committee releases 6 proposals for rules changes

The NFL Competition Committee has released their proposed rules in advance of the annual owners meeting that will take place in Phoenix on March 24-27. Similar to some of the proposals submitted by the teams, the Competition Committee has also proposed changes to instant replay, including the review of pass interference,

Harmonizing illegal pass enforcements: a Football Zebras rules proposal

The NFL released its first set of rules proposals last week which were submitted by the teams. The Competition Committee will release additional proposals prior to the annual owners meeting on March 24. We floated two possible rules changes during the season. One was to have all 2-point conversions automatically reviewed

NFL teams propose 9 rule changes, most to adjust replay

Embed from Getty Images The NFL released the teams' proposals for rules changes that will be up for consideration at the annual league meeting March 24-27 in Phoenix. The rules changes proposed by the Competition Committee have not yet been released. A brief summary of each is listed below, indicating the

NFL brass getting behind push to add sky judge

Expect talks to get serious later this month about the NFL adding an eighth official to the crew...but this official will be in a suit and tie instead of a striped shirt. The Alliance of American Football employs a sky judge. This official steps in to correct obvious officiating mistakes in