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NFL may have to change the way it appoints referees

Vital proving grounds for white hat candidates no longer exist Commentary by Mark Schultz The NFL could be having a white hat problem in the next few years.  Several referees have put in 20 or more years of service, meaning … Continue reading

Speculation whirls around new referee hires

NFL will hire from current roster Scott Green and Ron Winter have retired, opening up two slots at the referee position.  The NFL has not hired a referee straight out of college and into the NFL since the 1970 merger, … Continue reading

R Ron Winter retires after 19 seasons

Referee Ron Winter is retiring after 19 seasons in the NFL. Continue reading

Simplifying complex enforcements: Breaking down Proposal No. 13

The Competition Committee simplified certain enforcement points in one of the new rule changes. Continue reading

Despite calls for major change, NFL makes simple tweaks to replay

2014 rule changes The 2014 replay process is going to be much the same as the process from 2013; the changes being made to the system probably will barely register with most fans. There were too many hurdles to implementing … Continue reading

7-man officiating crews wired up for 2014

Starting in 2014, all NFL officiating crews will be will be equipped with a microphone and earpiece that will enable them to communicate with each other during the game.  The NFL experimented with this technology in the 2013 preseason, as … Continue reading

Goalposts will grow 5 feet taller

2014 rule changes Bill Belichick and the legendary Don Shula now share an interesting and exclusive legacy. At the annual NFL owners meeting, the rule change proposal from the New England Patriots to extend the height of goalposts by five … Continue reading

NFL orders crack down on taunting, offensive language

2014 Points of Emphasis In light of some high-profile on-field incidents of taunting and offensive language in the 2013 season, the NFL is instructing its officials to crack down on acts of taunting and abusive language against players and officials beginning this … Continue reading

Owners approve Competition Committee’s ‘Sportsmanship’ Report

[Editor's note: The following is the text of the report from the Competition Committee, entitled "Sportsmanship," that was approved by the owners at the annual meeting on March 26, 2014. Attached to the report was Rule 12, Section 3, which … Continue reading

NFL to keep the clock rolling on QB sacks in 2014

2014 rule changes For years, the referee has signaled a quarterback sack with a whistle blast and a signal to stop the clock; however beginning with the 2014 season, the NFL will mandate that the clock keep running after a … Continue reading