May 15 is here: Officiating new year starts today

Embed from Getty Images Happy New Year to all NFL officiating fans. No, it isn't a new calendar year or league year. Traditionally, May 15 marks the first day of the NFL officials being in-season following the 3-month "dark period", which begins after the Super Bowl. The "dark period" allows the

Big Ten Conference recruits women and minorities at spring event

The Big Ten Conference held a clinic in April and invited women and people of color to learn more about being an official in one of college football's biggest conferences. The focus of the clinic was to highlight efforts of diversity, equity and inclusion. Former NFL referee and current Big Ten

Breaking down the new NFL officiating hires

Football Zebras was first to report the news on May 3 that the NFL hired 10 new officials. As we digest the news, here are a few things that I have noticed. Commitment to diversity The NFL continues to hire minority and female officials. Down judge Robin DeLorenzo (pictured) becomes the third woman

10 new on-field officials hired by the NFL for the 2022 season

Embed from Getty Images Football Zebras exclusive A new wave of officials has just received the call that they have been waiting for during their entire careers. The NFL has hired 10 on-field officials and 5 replay assistants for the 2022 season. Additionally, 4 current replay assistants have been promoted to replay

USFL opens up offensive options with the double pass rule

One of the rather unusual rule changes adopted in the 2020 XFL season was picked up by the 2022 USFL: the double forward pass. In the NFL and all other levels of football, a double pass may only be executed if one of the passes (usually the first one) is thrown

Dean Blandino is the VP of officiating for 2023 XFL

The XFL is slated to reboot the reboot in spring of 2023. They now have their head of officiating. Dean Blandino, the former NFL senior vice president of officiating and Fox Sports rules analyst, will once again preside as the head of officiating in the XFL, as he did in their

Former referee Mike Carey named 2022 NFLRA Honoree

Former referee and CBS Sports officiating analyst Mike Carey, who officiated in the NFL for 24 seasons, was selected by the National Football League Referees Association as their annual honoree. The NFLRA announced Carey's selection last week. The award is given to an individual for their work on the field and