Competition Committee proposes change to catch and replay rules (with video examples) The NFL Competition Committee is considering several rule changes, first reported by Mark Maske of the Washington Post, that would change how instant replay impacts the game. The committee will formally announce it's proposals Friday. NFL owners will meet in April to formally vote on the rule changes. 24 out of 32 owners

American Athletic and Atlantic Coast Conferences form college officiating partnership

The American Athletic Conference announced that it will form an officiating alliance with the Atlantic Coast Conference effective for the 2018 season. In light of the changes, American Athletic Conference supervisor Terry McAulay will be out of a job. McAulay has been supervisor of officials for 10 years, beginning with the

NFL promotes 2 second-generation referees: Shawn Hochuli and Alex Kemp

  Fathers have passed the NFL white hat to the sons, one directly and one posthumously. As Football Zebras noted last month, Alex Kemp seemed to be the frontrunner to be promoted to referee upon the retirement of Jeff Triplette. We also noted that back judge Shawn Hochuli was in the mix,

Referee Ed Hochuli is ending his 28-year NFL career Ed Hochuli, the most recognizable officiating figure, bar none, to mainstream fans in NFL history, has decided to retire. Senior vice president of officiating Al Riveron confirmed on his new Twitter feed that Hochuli, along with Jeff Triplette, will not be returning for the 2018 season -- something which had

Competition Committee studying targeting, QB protections, catch process, and ‘non-football illegal acts’ for potential rule changes

Three weeks fresh off Super Bowl LII, senior vice president of officiating Al Riveron, the eight-man Competition Committee, and commissioner Roger Goodell have already begun reviewing certain plays of note from the 2017 NFL season in preparation for the owners' meeting in March, where rules changes and points of emphasis