4 replay booth vacancies to be filled in 2020 season

Some change-up in the replay booth this offseason has resulted in four new openings in the replay tandem of replay official-replay assistant. Replay officials Jim Lapetina, Darryll Lewis, and Tom Sifferman, the latter two former NFL on-field officials, will not return to the replay booth this season. Replay official Earnie

5 more officials leaving the field this offseason

Embed from Getty Images Football Zebras has learned that nine NFL officials will not be returning to the field for the 2020 NFL season. We have previously reported the retirements of umpire Jeff Rice, down judge Mike Spanier, and line judge Byron Boston, as well as the promotion of referee Walt

Officiating crews for the 2020 season

Embed from Getty Images Football Zebras has obtained the officiating crew rosters for the 2020 NFL season. This season, there are six new officials to replace nine that left the field. Notably, for the first time since the 2014 season, there will be no swing officials on the staff this year. Field

Big turnover with Big 12 referees

The Big 12 Conference features exciting, up-tempo college football with teams in the national championship hunt almost every season. The conference needs good officials -- especially good referees. Greg Burks, supervisor of officials, had a big challenge this offseason. He had to replace four referees. Cooper Castleberry (19 years), Mike Defee (14

NFL divides up leadership roles in the officiating department

Officiating administration has been undergoing a shift in the offseason, and the NFL announced its changes for management of the officiating department. Former referee Walt Anderson and former assistant coach Perry Fewell were previously announced as senior vice presidents in the officiating channel, but now there is a little more

College football referee Mike Defee takes position in NFL front office

Big 12 referee Mike Defee, who has officiated every major bowl game, and who gained fame during the 2017 College Football National Championship game, is retiring from active officiating to take a position in the NFL front office. Defee's new job is to coach current NFL officials, specifically focusing on the

NFL hires six new officials for 2020

Embed from Getty Images As this unique offseason continues, and sports fans are hungry for new information, us zebra fans finally got some of our own. Senior vice president Al Riveron announced Tuesday through the NFL Officiating Twitter account that the league has hired six new officials who will join the