Rescheduling decisions call into question competitive inequities

The NFL on Wednesday announced that it would be postponing tomorrow’s Ravens at Steelers game until Sunday due to the Ravens sending at least 10 players to the Covid-19 injured reserve list this week after positive tests started filtering through to the media on Monday morning. NBC will carry the

NBC garbles Carl Cheffers penalty announcements to prevent profanity from airing

The NFL is doing its best to play a full season during the covid-19 pandemic. One of the ways the league can get games in is to play in near-empty stadiums. While it is a surreal sight, it also presents challenges for TV sound technicians. In 2020, when referees open their mics

Officials can now flag coaches for not wearing a mask

The NFL has given officials the authority to penalize coaches who "approach them in an innappropriate way" without a face covering, 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. This follows a Week 3 complaint by the NFL Referees Association that Baltimore Ravens coach, John Harbaugh, pulled his mask down and got in line

Report: NFL officials union complains about Harbaugh covid-19 violation during sideline argument

The NFL Referees Association, the officials' union, has reportedly complained to the NFL that Ravens coach John Harbuaugh pulled his mask down and violated social distancing guidelines to argue with line judge Mark Steinkerchner during the Week 3 Monday Night Football game against the Kansas City Chiefs. According to a report

Crew from Titans-Vikings game pulled from Week 4 schedule

Embed from Getty Images In a recent scheduling change, Clete Blakeman and his crew will be off this week, when the crew was originally scheduled to officiate the game between the Colts and Bears on Sunday. This crew officiated last Sunday's game between the Titans and Vikings, where subsequently, 3 players