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Week 10 officiating video: Player safety always a focus

#458705712 / This week, NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino spent considerable time discussing player safety, and helping us understand when that safety might be in jeopardy. Also discussed in the Week 10 officiating video were officiating mechanics, instant replay and what constitutes unsportsmanlike conduct (download video here). Fouls on defenseless players are…

It’s no good; it’s a runback; it’s a safety; no, it’s not: Unraveling Austin’s missed field-goal return


#458301234 / Week 9: Rams at 49ers (video at :57) [Post updated to include pool reporter interview with referee Jerome Boger] The 49ers missed a field goal attempt, and Rams receiver Tavon Austin caught the ball in bounds. He attempted to return the kick, and the entire ball exited the end zone. Austin was…