Officiating crews for the 2021 college football conference championship games

Football Zebras has obtained the crew assignments for the 2021 college football conference championships. Assignments are handled by each conference. Depending on the procedures for each conference, crews are may eligible for bowl games. All times listed are Eastern. indicates an official that is in the NFL's officiating development pool, either

Transparency in the officiating department hits a low mark in a muddled video

Commentary by Ben Austro Under previous NFL officiating administrations, Fridays were sort of a news dump of rulesplaining in their weekly "media tapes." The original purpose of the media tapes was to allow the officiating department to communicate with members of the media to clarify calls and rules interpretations that had recently

Tony Corrente turns 70, a rare milestone for an active official

Referee Tony Corrente celebrates his 70th birthday on November 12. In his 27th season, he is in small company of officials who were on the field into their 70s. Down judge Mike Spanier, who retired after the 2019 season, was 70 in his final season. And there aren't likely many

Jim Poole, back judge in 2 Super Bowls, dies at 89

Jim Poole, a two-time Super Bowl official and world class athlete, died November 7, at age 89. An NFL officiating career with two Super Bowl assignments makes for an amazing résumé, but pro officiating only scratches the surface of a remarkable athletic life. Poole played basketball and baseball for San Diego State.

Bowling Green head coach ejected after drawing 2 unsportsmanlike conduct fouls

Frankly, I thought I'd never see it. Bowling Green head coach Scot Loeffler was ejected by the Mid-American Conference officiating crew lead by referee Jeremy Valentine in today's game against conference rival Buffalo. Loeffler also calls the offensive plays. After he was ejected, the offense scored 28 points and beat Buffalo

Replay official Carl Madsen dies at 71 Carl Madsen 1949-2021 Carl Madsen, a replay official and former umpire, died in Nashville while traveling home from his game assignment on Sunday. He was 71. The Associated Press is reporting that Madsen experienced a medical issue while driving home. Madsen was an umpire on the field from 1997 to 2008, when

Players are adapting to the taunting point of emphasis faster than expected

For 2021, the NFL Competition Committee issued a point of emphasis directing the officials to strictly flag a player for unsportsmanlike conduct if they taunt an opponent, through words and actions that disrespect or demean. At the time I predicted that players and coaches would adapt to the new emphasis point after