Calm signals: the sign of under-control officiating

Embed from Getty Images   You've seen it. A touchdown bomb. A diving catch. A toe-tapper on the sideline. A fumble and defensive recovery. These are big moments in a football game. These moments are usually surprising and exciting. But the next time you see such a play, watch the official. They are

What has 7 people and 30 feet? The football chain crew

Embed from Getty Images   They never make a big call. The camera never focuses on them unless they get hurt. They constantly have to work around players and coaches. If danger comes their way, they are expected to drop their equipment and run. Many time they are pinned between players on

NFL developing 8th official in 2nd preseason week

The NFL is continuing its evaluation of an eighth officiating position in the second week of preseason, and there are indications that the permanent addition is on the horizon. The announcement for the eighth official was posted on the Football Operations website on Tuesday. The position under trial is termed the

5 officiating observations from Super Bowl 50

Embed from Getty Images   No iconic calls, but Blakeman's crew handles business The game wasn't a classic, but it was more competitive than the 24-10 score. While none of the calls from Super Bowl 50 will make our list of best all-time calls, the officiating crew can be satisfied with their efforts. Here

‘5 will get you 1’: the effective method to measure a first down without measuring

  View image | It's 3rd-and-5. The quarterback is under center. The crowd is roaring. The quarterback barks hard and someone on the defensive line jumps. Flags fly and the wing officials come running to the referee to report an infraction. The referee intones, "Offside. Defense. Five yards. First down!" When

Officials hate to miss cheap shots and unsportsmanlike acts

Fortunately, most flagrant actions do not escape cameras The NFL most recently handed out two punishments for flagrant acts that were not flagged on the field.  Ndamukong Suh was fined $70,000 (initially suspended one game but overturned on appeal, but don't get me started on that) for stepping on Packers quarterback