Zebras out of uniform

This past weekend, NCAA referee Mike Defee and his crew worked in miserable conditions as The Air Force Academy hosted San Diego State (photo of crew in the downpour). Lightning halted the game for 88-minutes, then resumed with a near empty stadium. Defee's crew started in their regular uniform. But after

Alternate officials, like playoffs, have expanded over time

They're happy but not satisfied. They'd rather be on the field, but don't want the circumstances happen that put them on the field. Who are they? The alternates. They are the three to five people assigned, ready to go into a playoff game should an on-field official get hurt or

Photo album: Super Bowls past

In honor of the golden anniversary of the Super Bowl, here are photos from Super Bowls past - courtesy of Getty Images.   Terry McAulay, Super Bowl XXXIX. Embed from Getty Images   Jerry Seeman, Super Bowl XXIII. Embed from Getty Images   Scott Green, Super Bowl XLIV. Embed from Getty Images   Roy Ellison and Derek Bowers, Super Bowl XLIII. Embed

Football officials in danger every time debris flies

A photo this past week from the Dallas Morning News (cover photo) illustrates the dangers of being an official. In Washington, a fan threw a full drink can on the field and it barely missed field judge Eugene Hall.There have been many stories and accounts of fans throwing debris on

We’ve seen this before: Lack of experience part of the problem in 2015

View image | gettyimages.com   Too many new(er) officials can make for a rocky season The 1990s were a time of upheaval for NFL officiating. Art McNally retired after a long career as the NFL officiating boss. Jerry Seeman succeeded McNally. Seeman was ready build on McNally's work and that work included making