Candidates for white hat in 2019

The coveted white hat worn by the referee There are two referee openings for the 2019 season after Walt Coleman and Pete Morelli retired. So far, they are the only two referees we know who have retired. There are very few chances for the NFL to test officials for future referee openings.

Mentoring rookie officials is a rewarding task for veterans

Embed from Getty Images When the 17 referees receive their crew assignments when their offseason officially ends May 15, some may take notice that one of their new crew members is a first-year official. Every veteran official knows the feeling, because at one point, that was them: having spent decades working

Officiating crews for the 2013 season

The officiating crew rosters for the 2013 NFL season have been distributed. Each crew member is listed with his years of experience, including the upcoming season, and his 2012 crew if he switched crews. Uniform numbers are the 2012 numbers, and a few may be subject to change. 7271