Week 5 remainders

We have some leftover items from Week 5, so let's serve them up before their expiration dates pass. Bengals lost timeout Prior to a Bengals 3rd-and-goal situation, the crew stopped the clock for a game clock adjustment. When the game clock was stopped, and additional three seconds ticked off the play clock,

Safety calls, roughness on QB: Roundtable reviews Week 5 calls

Football Zebras Roundtable We had a few calls this week that were borderline judgement calls. How close were they? Former NFL officiating supervisors Jim Daopoulos and Larry Upson helped us unpack three controversial calls from Week 5. Both Larry and Jim did extensive game video while working in the league office.

Panthers’ Smith trashes ‘garbage’ official who doesn’t cover wide receivers

U Dan Ferrell blamed for calls outside his keys Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith has a complaint about a specific official he would like everyone to know about. As Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer reported: I was told by the referee — whatever judge he was — number 64 ...  This would

After Further Review: Even Philly thinks Giants should have won challenge

Image: Dallas Cowboys photo First, our quick calls [Football Zebras] The pink penalty flags did cause some confusion with the players' pink towels, all symbolic for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. However, a clock operator briefly stopped the clock because one of the pink towels looked like a penalty flag. I wouldn't be

Quick calls: Week 5

You can follow our coverage on Twitter, but we will post some of the more notable calls from the weekend here in our liveblog. Did you see something in Sunday's game that you thought was not called correctly? Did you want to give props to an official who made a great

Week 5 referee assignments

Due to the baseball playoffs, not only will the Raiders not have their logo on the O.co Coliseum field -- because the A's infield will be there -- but the Raiders will also move their game to West Coast primetime/East Coast early morning. The game now will start at 8:35