Week 7 officiating video: legal blocks, instant replay, 10 second run-offs, and illegal celebrations

Al Riveron released the week 7 officiating video today. In it, he addressed the following points: Legal blocks. In the Panthers/Bears game, a Bears offensive player threw a block toward the direction of his end line on a play in the first quarter. The block was deemed legal since the Bears receiver

Officiating video: celebrations for for baseball

Embed from Getty Images Senior vice president of officiating Al Riveron released the weekly officiating video today (video below). In the video he covered several topics, including an incomplete pass that was the result of the receiver stepping out of bounds and catching the ball once back in. During the Chiefs at

Officiating video: game-ending replay, an extended catch process, and a batted ball in the end zone

NFL senior vice president of officiating Al Riveron released the weekly officiating video (below), covering the 10 second run-off, the catch process, and illegal batting of the football. In the Falcons versus Lions game, wide receiver Golden Tate caught a touchdown pass from quarterback Matt Stafford with under 10 seconds remaining

NFL Week 1 officiating video: illegal kicks and more

  Senior vice president of officiating Al Riveron released the week 1 officiating video today (video below). Among the numerous items to discuss, Riveron first discussed the defenseless player rule. In this particular play from Monday night, Vikings' running back Dalvin Cook was attempting to catch a pass out of the backfield

Chiefs fake catch execution kills live ball

Embed from Getty Images During the Chiefs at Patriots Thursday Night Football game, the Chiefs lined up to field a punt at 2:55 in the 2nd quarter. Both Chiefs return men, Tyreek Hill and De'Anthony Thomas, were deep to receive the punt. After the kick, Hill appeared signaled for a fair

4 officials will have their NFL debut in 2017

The NFL Referees Association announced the NFL has hired four new officials who will work the 2017 season. They include Mike Carr, Ryan Dickson, David Oliver, and Brad Rogers. All four recently participated in the NFL Officiating Development Program. Oliver spent one season in the development program as a line judge and worked