Rule change plugs the hole to drain the clock

At the 2017 NFL owners meeting this past spring, owners voted to approve a rule change proposed by the Competition Committee that disallows teams to intentionally commit multiple fouls during the same down designed to manipulate the clock. Officially, the new rule (12-3-3) reads: A team may not commit multiple fouls

Giants’ use of walkie-talkies to call in plays is questioned. Over.

At some point early in the fourth quarter of the Dallas Cowboys loss to the New York Giants on Sunday night at The Meadowlands, the headset communication device between quarterback Eli Manning and head coach Ben McAdoo stopped working. McAdoo then begins using a two-way hand radio to, apparently, deliver plays to

Officiating video: Week 8 in Dallas

This week, NFL Vice President of Officiating Dean Blandino focused on only two plays from Week 8. While short, the rules are important. The two referenced rule clarifications happened in Dallas when Seattle visited Dallas.First, we reviewed the rules for blockers with a focus on the direction in which the

Week 5 officiating video: Clocks, crowns, bubble screens, and hand fighting

NFL Vice President of Officiating Dean Blandino released the Week 5 Officiating Video and lead with something we’ve been covering all week. Some highlights include:As we’ve covered, there was a game clock issue when the Steelers visited the Chargers on Monday night that led to side judge Rob Vernatchi sitting

After Further Review: Head coach draws penalty

Quick calls from Week 5 [FootballZebras]The umpire and back judge watch the kick-line very closely. That was true during the Bills at Titans game when the Bills recovered a muffed opening kick [FOX Sports].A backward pass recovery is always reviewed by the replay official. This was true for Jameis Winston

Officiating video, week 4: The much-talked-about batting incident

The NFL Vice President of Officiating Dean Blandino discussed some important calls and penalty enforcements from Week 4 in the NFL.Everyone’s been talking about the no call on illegal batting during the Monday night game, and Dean gives us another explanation about why the call was not made. We’ve been

After Further Review: A Quiet Week 4

Quick Calls from Week 4 [FootballZebras]In Chicago, Eddie Royal was subjected to a questionable "spiking the ball" penalty. After being tackled, Royal rose up and spun the ball towards the ground. The officials, lead by Jeff Triplette, determined he spun the ball in the direction of an official therefore drawing