Earnie Frantz is the recipient of the 2020 Art McNally Award

Earnie Frantz, former NFL head linesman (now down judge) and replay official, has been awarded the 2020 Art McNally Award, Football Zebras has confirmed through multiple sources. The Art McNally Award is named after the former head of officiating from 1968 to 1990, and recognizes an official for “exemplary professionalism,

4 replay booth vacancies to be filled in 2020 season

Some change-up in the replay booth this offseason has resulted in four new openings in the replay tandem of replay official-replay assistant. Replay officials Jim Lapetina, Darryll Lewis, and Tom Sifferman, the latter two former NFL on-field officials, will not return to the replay booth this season. Replay official Earnie

5 more officials leaving the field this offseason

Embed from Getty Images Football Zebras has learned that nine NFL officials will not be returning to the field for the 2020 NFL season. We have previously reported the retirements of umpire Jeff Rice, down judge Mike Spanier, and line judge Byron Boston, as well as the promotion of referee Walt

Officiating crews for the 2020 season

Embed from Getty Images Note from the editor: No doubt this is a season unlike any other. The crews as originally assigned are below, but the officiating department will not be using these crews. Although there is no confirmed answer as to how this is proceeding, the league appears to be individually

What it takes to be an NFL white hat

Head official. Crew chief. White hat. However you refer to the title of the position, the title of an NFL referee comes with great responsibility. He is both the voice and face of the crew. This week, the NFL announced that Land Clark will be the newest referee, receiving his