Packers burn both challenges in the first 3 plays

Week 14: Falcons at Packers Packers interim head coach Joe Philbin hasn't held a challenge flag in 2⅞ seasons, and he managed to use both of his challenges in the first 3 plays (or 4 if you count the touchback on the kickoff). The first challenge was an extraordinarily curious one. Falcons

Monday night mixup: Why are officiating crews split this week?

A small scheduling quirk has caused a stir in what could be the showcase game of the 2018 NFL season. Football Zebras noted last Tuesday that there was an unusual split crew assigned to the Monday night game. The other half of the split caused a ripple effect down the schedule

Honoring current NFL officials who served their country

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the armistice to end the war to end all wars, we recognize with profound respect all those who have served our country on this day, and we salute the veterans on the NFL officiating staff.  Click or tap an image above to open as

Cleveland’s rage against the replay machine is justified

Week 4: Browns at Raiders With the futility of the Browns franchise still strong despite a fleeting moment of jubilation last week. The euphoria quickly dispersed after a long week, and it all culminated on two calls that could have sealed a second victory for the Browns. Near the end of regulation,