Scorecard of the 2019 NFL Spring Meeting

Below are the items under consideration by the owners at their 2019 Spring Meeting in Key Biscayne, Fla. Playing rules Modify overtime to use the opening coin toss to determine overtime options, ensure possession by both teams, and eliminate in preseason -- TABLED to next year, after being tabled from March Via

NFL officiating patriarch and ‘godfather of officials’ Carl Paganelli dies

Carl Paganelli, 1937-2019 Carl Paganelli Sr., a highly respected college and pro official, an officiating administrator, and a mentor, has died at the age of 82. You never saw him on an NFL field, but his presence there is unmistakable. His three sons, umpire Carl Jr. and back judges Perry and Dino,

Documentary shadows 3 women officiating on ‘Her Turf’

To be the focus of attention in officiating is often seen as a curse, but a new documentary short spotlights three women who have worked to not only succeed, but also thrive, while wearing the stripes. Director Shantel Hansen spoke to Football Zebras about her first film, Her Turf, which premieres at

NFL is looking for one more referee

The NFL still has one more referee position to fill after the departure of Super Bowl LIII referee John Parry to ESPN. Referees Walt Coleman and Pete Morelli retired at the end of the 2018 season, and are being replaced with Adrian Hill and Scott Novak. Typically, a successor is named

Harmonizing illegal pass enforcements: a Football Zebras rules proposal

The NFL released its first set of rules proposals last week which were submitted by the teams. The Competition Committee will release additional proposals prior to the annual owners meeting on March 24. We floated two possible rules changes during the season. One was to have all 2-point conversions automatically reviewed