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Author: Ben Austro

After review, the replay rules stand


Since the replay system was reintroduced in 1999, the review rules have only been subject to incremental revision, rather than any of the proposed wholesale changes to the process. A proposal by the Ravens at the annual meeting in March turned a few heads, as it appeared to make the replay run on a small list of…

Officiating crews for the 2016 season

Houston Texans v Denver Broncos

Embed from Getty Images   Football Zebras has obtained the officiating crew rosters for the 2016 NFL season. This season, three new officials have been hired and only one retired. There are five veteran officials designated as swing officials, up from three last season, who will move between crews through the season. Those swing officials…

NFL quietly passes ‘Hot Potato’ rule for coin toss

NFL flipping coin (Dallas Cowboys)

The NFL has circumvented the typical rule-revision process and is making a rule change that will affect the opening coin toss, according to a league source. “We made the point-after-touchdown try a more exciting play last year,” the source said. “We looked at other parts of the game, and realized that the coin toss was…

Blakeman takes #HotRef in stride, appears on ‘Today’ and ‘Access Hollywood Live’


Super Bowl 50 referee Clete Blakeman has lead a relatively obscure existence in the NFL, with an occasional reference here, although I’ve even admitted in the past to be “riding high on the Clete Blakeman bandwagon.”  The first sign that something was piquing the interest of fans on Sunday was when our post “Who will…