Schedule for the 2021 NFL playoffs

Here are the kickoff times and dates for the NFL 2021–22 postseason games. All times are Eastern. Referee assignments will be posted when available, and will be linked to the liveblog after the games are played. Starting this season, there is a Wild Card Playoff game on Monday night. Also, only

2021 Peach Bowl liveblog

We are covering the Peach Bowl between the Michigan State Spartans and the Pittsburgh Panthers. Today's crew is from the SEC. Leave a comment below Send us a tweet @footballzebras Connect with us through Facebook Reply on Instagram .lb24-component-score-num {font-family: "Jockey One"; font-size: 55px;} Live updates loading ... You have created a new

Transparency in the officiating department hits a low mark in a muddled video

Commentary by Ben Austro Under previous NFL officiating administrations, Fridays were sort of a news dump of rulesplaining in their weekly "media tapes." The original purpose of the media tapes was to allow the officiating department to communicate with members of the media to clarify calls and rules interpretations that had recently

A salute to the veterans in stripes

We recognize with profound respect all those who have served our country on this day, and we salute the veterans on the NFL officiating staff. LJ59 Rusty Baynes, U.S. Marine Corps, 1988-94 LJ44 SSgt. Frank LeBlanc, Texas Army National Guard, 1983-2004 FJ109 Dyrol Prioleau, U.S. Air Force, 1982-2005 FJ31 Tech Sgt. Mearl Robinson, U.S.

Replay official Carl Madsen dies at 71 Carl Madsen 1949-2021 Carl Madsen, a replay official and former umpire, died in Nashville while traveling home from his game assignment on Sunday. He was 71. The Associated Press is reporting that Madsen experienced a medical issue while driving home. Madsen was an umpire on the field from 1997 to 2008, when