Jets lose the touchdown (and the ball) on very tight replay reversal

Week 6: Patriots at Jets (video) Jets tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins scored what appeared to be a clear touchdown. On review, not only was the touchdown reversed, the ball went to the Patriots on a touchback. Seferian-Jenkins bobbles the ball at the 1-yard line and subsequently re-controls the ball. The bobble makes the ball

John Fox blames officials for delay of game foul

Week 5: Vikings at Bears The Bears opening drive of the game ended with this bizarre sequence facing a 4th and 2 (with the time remaining on the play clock): 7 — Bears offense broke the huddle 5 — Bears called timeout 25 — Punt team was on the field coming out of the

Trevathan suspended 1 game for helmet-to-helmet hit

Week 4: Bears at Packers Update 10/3: Trevathan was initially suspended two games on Sept. 30, which was reduced to a one-game suspension on appeal. The original post appears below. Danny Trevathan's hit may have made the highlight reel, but it has surely made another dubious reel: the officiating department's clip-and-save file. In

Officiating video: Out-of-bounds kickoff spots, Double/After enforcement, and reviewing nullified TDs

In the weekly officiating tape to the media, senior vice president of officiating Al Riveron addressed three plays from the past week (see below). Kickoff out of bounds with another foul. In the Lions-Giants Monday night game, an unsportsmanlike conduct foul was committed on a touchdown, with the assessment going to