NFL is looking for one more referee

The NFL still has one more referee position to fill after the departure of Super Bowl LIII referee John Parry to ESPN. Referees Walt Coleman and Pete Morelli retired at the end of the 2018 season, and are being replaced with Adrian Hill and Scott Novak. Typically, a successor is named

Harmonizing illegal pass enforcements: a Football Zebras rules proposal

The NFL released its first set of rules proposals last week which were submitted by the teams. The Competition Committee will release additional proposals prior to the annual owners meeting on March 24. We floated two possible rules changes during the season. One was to have all 2-point conversions automatically reviewed

Football Zebras celebrates 10 years

Somewhere in the middle of the 2008 season there was a call that challenged the interpretation of the rules. I was looking to verify my understanding, but everywhere I turned the play was through the lens of the team. It was the right call, even though it was controversial. It

Wayback machine: When Walt Coleman entered the league in 1989

Walt Coleman worked his first NFL game as a line judge on September 10, 1989, between the Bears and Bengals. Mike Ditka and Sam Wyche were the coaches on the sideline. The future head of officiating Jerry Seeman was the referee. The head of officiating that season was Art McNally,