Officiating crews for the 2020 XFL season

Professional football continues under the banner of the XFL, which begins its inaugural season Feb. 8, just six days after Super Bowl LIV. The XFL uses the 8-person mechanics of the NCAA and has 48 officials from Football Bowl Subdivision conferences on six crews. This differs from the NFL in that

Special rules in place for the 2020 Pro Bowl

The NFL has furnished Football Zebras with the rules modifications in place for the Pro Bowl. For player safety and exhibition purposes, there are restrictions on formations, pass coverage, and rushing the quarterback or kicker. In addition, there are some rules and procedures in place to test for a possible

Officiating moments of the 2010s, part 3

From the highlights to the lowlights, the past decade has been full of news, advancements, and controversies in the world of NFL officiating. We live in a very different world we lived in just ten years ago. Without further ado, from the game-changing calls to the broken glass-ceilings, and from

Procedures for assigning mixed crews for the NFL playoffs

The process of assigning playoff officials has been largely a secret, with some of the details not even shared with officials. However, there is a general framework that has been established by the league and the officials' union.  Senior vice president of officiating Al Riveron determines the assignments by placing officials in

Schedule for the 2019 NFL playoffs

Here are the kickoff times and dates for the NFL 2019–20 postseason games. All times are Eastern. Referee assignments will be posted when available. Wild Card Playoffs CREWS | COVERAGE Saturday, Jan. 4 ₅Bills at ₄Texans, 4:35 p.m. ESPN ABC -- Tony Corrente ₆Titans at ₃Patriots, 8:15 p.m. CBS -- John Hussey Sunday, Jan. 5 ₆Vikings at