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CallsQuick calls: Week 1

Quick calls: Week 1

Keep checking here for rolling coverage throughout the day on Sunday. If you see anything confusing, unusual, or controversial, please let us know.

Marcus Griep September 13, 20159:56 pm

Giants at Cowboys (video)

11:07 | 2nd qtr. A pass from Giants quarterback Eli Manning to tight end Larry Donnell is initially ruled a catch–fumble. The call was reversed to incomplete after a challenge by the Cowboys.

Even though Donnell controlled the ball and took two steps, he was going to the ground before completing the process of the catch, so he was required to maintain control of the ball throughout his contact with the ground. Upon hitting the ground, the ball shot out of Donnell’s arms, thus falling incomplete.

Marcus Griep September 13, 20158:28 pm

Ravens at Broncos (video)

0:36 | 4th qtr. Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is intercepted by Broncos free safety Darian Stewart in the endzone. The pass was intended for Ravens tight end Crockett Gillmore who was being marked by strong safety David Bruton Jr.

Bruton had his hands up “faceguarding” Gillmore as Gilmore jumped to attempt the catch. Bruton’s hands got in the way of Gillmore making a clean catch which Stewart then grabbed on the tip for the interception. Burton’s defense was not ruled to be pass interference.

Pass interference is a contact foul that requires a significant restriction, such as a grab-and-turn or an arm bar which prevents the receiver from raising a hand to catch the ball. Faceguarding is not a foul. Both the offense and the defense have equal rights to a pass in flight. A defender who has established a position has a right to that position even if it is inconvenient for the receiver. Hand fighting or minimal contact which doesn’t materially restrict the receiver from making an attempt at the catch is not pass interference regardless of whether the defender is making an attempt at the football.

Ben Austro Ben Austro September 13, 20156:51 pm

Seahawks at Rams (video)

A replay review of a catch by Rams receiver Kenny Britt was ruled to “stand.” Even though his knee touched the ground, there was no defensive contact, except to Britt’s towel. This does not put Britt down, and he is able to advance.

Marcus Griep September 13, 20156:34 pm

Ravens at Broncos

6:58 | 3rd qtr. Broncos special teamer Shaquil Barrett is flagged for an illegal blindside block to the head or neck area during a Ravens punt. Players receiving a blindside block get defenseless player protections.

Mark Schultz Mark Schultz September 13, 20156:26 pm

Titans vs. Buccaneers (video)

We get our first look at referee John Hussey. Anthony Fasano of the Titans is ruled short of the goal line. Instant replay upholds the call.

Mark Schultz Mark Schultz September 13, 20156:11 pm

Saints at Cardinals (video)

Side judge Laird Hayes awards the Saints’ Brandon Coleman a touchdown, upheld by instant replay.

Mark Schultz Mark Schultz September 13, 20155:52 pm

Bengals at Raiders (video)

Pacman Jones is whistled for a personal foul in this scuffle with Amari Cooper. Cooper’s helmet was off. Jones slammed Cooper’s bare head into his own helmet. Back judge Shawn Hochuli immediately threw his flag, but Jones was not ejected. Mike Pereira opined that Jones should have been ejected, and I’m inclined to agree with him. Expect Jones to be lighter in the wallet this week.

Mark Schultz Mark Schultz September 13, 20155:30 pm

Saints at Cardinals (video)

Close call on the goal line as Andre Ellington is awarded a touchdown by the head linesman and line judge. You make the call.

Ben Austro Ben Austro September 13, 20155:05 pm

Chiefs at Texans (video)

The first sack of what is sure to be many this season by Texans defensive end J.J. Watt might be the most unconventional. Chiefs offensive lineman Jah Reid was penalized for illegal use of hands, as he got under Watt’s helmet and popped it off. Watt is still eligible to participate in the play, as Dean Blandino explains at the above link.

If the ball carrier loses his helmet, or if a player without a helmet recovers the ball, it is an immediate dead ball, even if there is an imminent score. However, the play continues for all other helmetless situations

Mark Schultz Mark Schultz September 13, 20154:55 pm

Ravens at Broncos (video)

3:35 | 1st qtr. Line judge Gary Arthur, number 108 leaves the field after being injured on a punt play. He turned downfield to cover a punt and was hit from behind by two blocking players. Arthur landed on his face. He was attended to for several minutes and left the field in a cart. He was conscious and tipped his cap to the crowd as they applauded him.

UPDATE: Arthur has a broken collar bone. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Ben Austro Ben Austro September 13, 20152:16 pm

Browns at Jets (video)

Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was intercepted by Tashaun Gipson, who was stripped of the ball by Jets receiver Brandon Marshall. Gipson completing the process of the catch, so it is a fumble.
Although the ball was far enough downfield for a first down, whenever there is a
change of possession, the ball is next put in play as 1st-and-10. Even
if the Jets lose yards on the play, it would have been a first down on
the double change.
Also, if Gipson did not complete the process of the catch, Marshall’s strip would have given
Marshall a catch, not a fumble recovery, and therefore not a double
change of possession.

Ben Austro Ben Austro September 13, 20151:48 pm

Browns at Jets (video)

Browns quarterback Josh McCown fumbled into the end zone prior to the ball
crossing the plane of the goal. Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie
attempted to cover the ball, but it went out of bounds over the end
line. Even though the Jets did not recover the ball, it is a turnover to
the Jets and a touchback.
After the ball was clearly out of bounds, there was still physical contact by Browns
center Alex Mack, which was flagged for unnecessary roughness, giving
the Jets the ball at the 35.
Cromartie’s helmet came off during the recovery, but it does not immediately make
the ball dead, because he was not in possession of the ball. If he
recovered the ball without a helmet, it would have created a dead-ball
situation, and ruled effectively the same as the out-of-bounds play.

Ben Austro Ben Austro September 13, 20151:12 pm

Crew assignments

All crews appear to be without substitutes, and the swing officials are off this week.

11 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 1

  1. Did you notice in the Texans Chiefs game on a punt two officials needed to be separated on a disputed touchback?

  2. In the Jacksonville-Carolina game, the ball carrier lost his helmet and the play was not blown dead but continued until the ball carrier was down. Is the ball position subject to challenge in that situation?

  3. UPDATE: Gary broke not only his collarbone in the BAL – DEN game – but has also broken 3 ribs according to a family source

  4. ABSOLUTELY terrible DPI call in Cowboys game against the NYG, and even WORSE commentary by Collinsworth who would have lit up the replacements in 2013. yes, 3 years later let’s not forget that the overall officiating in the NFL has been mediocre since their big pay raises.

  5. Love the phantom PI call in the Dallas/Giants game against DR-C. Always when Dallas is at home. I never saw a team that needs the refs help as much as Dallas does. Been like this for decades. Disgrace…….

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