Quick calls: Week 14

week14You can follow our coverage on Twitter, and we will also post here some notable calls and describe some of the complicated rulings of the weekend.

If you see something interesting, confusing, or controversial in this week’s games, let’s us know by giving us the quarter and time (if known) and what happened in the comments section below or tweet us.

Some of the more interesting calls we will pose to the Football Zebras Roundtable for expert analysis during the week.

Sun • 9:01 pm EDT • Ben Austro

Seahawks at 49ers (video)

A blocked punt was turned into a slight advantage for the Seahawks. One of the Seahawks special teamers intentionally bats the ball forward. This is a foul, but the 49ers could only replay the down if they accepted the penalty. Instead, they took the point of recovery, which gave the Seahawks about 15 yards in field position.

Sun • 7:07 pm EDT • Ben Austro

Rams at Cardinals (image)

Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett stepped on the hand on the Rams guard Chris Williams. Had this been seen, it would have been an easy 15-yard penalty. Dockett will get the FedEx docket, docking his pay this week.

h/t Deadspin

Sun • 6:52 pm EDT • Ben Austro

Browns at Patriots (video at 2:44)

The Browns are called for defensive pass interference where there is no clear restriction or redirection of the receiver. This placed the ball on the 1-yard line, setting up the game-winning score.

Sun • 6:15 pm EDT • Mark Schultz

Titans at Broncos (video)

Matt Prater kicks his way into history, nailing a 64-yard field goal as the half expires.  Officials always enjoy taking part in historic moments, and Boris Cheek and Scott Helverson have the honor is signaling the historic field goal.

Sun • 6:01 pm EDT • Mark Schultz

Rams at Cardinals (video)

The deep wings initially rule a Cardinals TD, but Walt Coleman over-rules the play.  The reason why the Rams get a touchback instead of the return is because the officials killed the play, blew the whistle and ruled TD.  So on replay, Coleman has to give the Rams the ball at the spot of recovery, thus a touchback, take it to the 20, then enforce the personal foul.  Tough one to sort out, but Coleman handled it correctly.

Sun • 5:12 pm EDT • Ben Austro

Dolphins at Steelers

The multiple lateral play that field judge Scott Edwards ruled out of bounds is now its own post.

Sun • 4:48 pm EDT • Mark Schultz

Vikings at Ravens (video)

Rob Vernatchi (#75) and rookie back judge Dale Shaw (#104) team up on this game-winning toe-tapping touchdown, on an icy end-line with only a few seconds to go. 

Sun • 4:41 pm EDT • Ben Austro

Lions at Eagles (video)

Even a measurement is a challenge with several inches of snow on the ground. That chain has to be flat.

Sun • 3:56 pm EDT • Ben Austro

Colts at Bengals

The controversial review that gave the Bengals a touchdown is its own post.

Sun • 3:51 pm EDT • Mark Schultz

Lions at Eagles

8:50 | 4th qtr.  Ed Hochuli with the honesty award of the day.  The Eagles have the ball inside the Lions’ five yard line.  Hochuli turns on the microphone and says, “Officials’ time-out to clean the snow off of the goal line.  We can’t see the goal line.”  The ground crew comes out with their blowers and cleans off the goal line.

Sun • 3:44 pm EDT • Mark Schultz

Dolphins at Steelers (video)

Referee John Parry properly over-rules a call by head linesman Derick Bowers and side judge Joe Larrew and awards the Dolphins’ Brian Hartline a well-deserved touchdown.

Sun • 3:10 pm EDT • Mark Schultz

Lions at Eagles (video)

4:05 | 3rd qtr.  Hochuli lets an Eagles touchdown stand, after reviewing if the Eagles’ receiver went out the back of the endzone.  It was impossible to tell, even with the snow swept off of the lines.  This game is like the games you played in the back yard as a kid!

Updated to include video.

Sun • 3:05 pm EDT • Mark Schultz

Vikings at Ravens (video)

When the snow flies, there are protocols at all NFL fields to try and make the field markings visible to aid the players, officials and fans.  Players have to make sure they stay out of the way of the ground crew!

Sun • 2:54 pm EDT • Mark Schultz

Lions at Eagles

On a day like today, the officials have to be careful to keep their footing.  If they slip, they run the risk of pulling muscles in their legs. 

Sun • 2:15 pm EDT • Ben Austro

Lions at Eagles

fox snow numbersI have wondered for at least a decade why the broadcast networks didn’t superimpose yard-line  numbers on the snow, when they have had the technology from the First and Ten system (and other proprietary graphics systems). Closest I have seen was marking the goal line with a yellow line, but Fox has implemented this in the Lions-Eagles and the Vikings-Ravens game. CBS will probably be broadcasting its last snow game without the graphics; today’s games in Pittsburgh and Washington do not have this feature, and they likely will implement this for their next foul-weather game.

There is the ability to show the hash marks in the graphics as well, but they would be unofficial for replay purposes, just as the first-down graphic is.

Fox Sports/NFL, h/t Deadspin

Sun • 1:32 pm EDT • Ben Austro

The weather outside is … delightful!

phila snowEast Coast is being hit with a winter storm system. There is snow in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Washington. The Jets kicked off with no snow, but it’s snowing around Exit 9 of the New Jersey Turnpike. Patriots may also have some snow in the second half.

I believe this shot is from Philadelphia, but it is so hard to see anything to actually tell for certain.

h/t @bubbaprog/Mocksession

Sun • 1:15 pm EDT • Ben Austro

Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

mandellaTeams are observing a moment of silence to remember the anti-apartheid leader.

h/t @Patriots

Sun • 12:46 pm EDT • Football Zebras.com staff

This week’s referee assignments

3 Responses to Quick calls: Week 14

  1. Odin says:

    Two very bad calls by the refs today during the vikings ravens game. One was a blown fumble call by Gareheart where his knee was clearly down. The 2nd was an illegal block on the Vikings in the redzone where you can see his shoulders are square to the D-lineman. The 1st ead to a Ravens TD and the 2nd took away a potential TD from the Vikes since the previous play put them on the 1 yard line.. Its not funny! Not funny at all. These refs are flipping joke!!

  2. CLO22 says:

    The peel back block was a foul, correctly called. Below the waist and toward offensive team’s goal-line. Does not matter if “shoulders are square” as you say or if “player is in front of opponent” as broadcaster said. The direction and target zone of the block is the determining factor. Player safety foul.

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