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Live blog: Bengals at Texans

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We will be live blogging the calls and rules interpretations from the Bengals-Texans game. (If you see continue reading below, click it to see the entire feed.)

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Today’s crew is headed by Alberto Riveron. The full crew list is at the bottom of this post.

Sat • 7:59 pm EST • Ben Austro

Texans 19-13, final

Penalties —  Bengals: 5 for 51 yards (plus one declined), Texans: 7 for 55. Replay reviews — Texans lost one challenge (call confirmed).

Sat • 7:51 pm EST • Ben Austro

pick6_chopblockMike Pereira noted that there was a missed chop block call on the Bengals interception return for a touchdown in the 2nd quarter. At the left of the image (click to enlarge), two Texans engage a Bengals defender high and low illegally (video).

Since it is a personal foul on a scoring play, the 15 yards would have been applied on the kickoff, if it had been called.

Sat • 7:12 pm EST • Ben Austro

jjwatt_sackRiveron makes sure that all parties go to their neutral corners after a sack by Texans defensive end J.J. Watt in the first quarter. (Houston Texans photo)

Sat • 7:10 pm EST • Ben Austro

4th Qtr | 9:08. Bengals ball, 4th-and-2 on the Texans 29. Josh Brown 47-yard field goal is good. Texans 19-13.

Sat • 7:00 pm EST • Ben Austro

4th Qtr | 14:21. Texans ball 4th-and-goal on the 6. Shayne Graham 24-yard field goal is good. Texans 19-10.

Sat • 6:55 pm EST • Ben Austro

End of 3rd Quarter

Sat • 6:52 pm EST • Ben Austro

3rd Qtr | 7:58 | Texans challenge. Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton threw a forward pass while being hit. Ball fell incomplete and the Texans picked up the loose ball after the whistle. Texans coach Gary Kubiak believed it was a fumble.

Riveron correctly confirmed the call on the field. While Dalton was hit, he maintained a grip on the ball, enough to pass it. Now, the pass was lousy because he was hit, but Dalton’s arm was going forward with enough control of the ball to constitute possession.

Sat • 6:28 pm EST • Ben Austro

3rd Qtr | 10:35. Texans ball, 2nd-and-goal at the 1. Arian Foster 1-yard touchdown run (Shayne Graham kick). Texans 16-7.

Sat • 6:21 pm EST • Ben Austro

Not much mystery on the catch interference foul on the Bengals, as the receiver was tackled before the punt got there. It’s a 15-yard penalty from the spot of the foul.

Sat • 5:57 pm EST • Ben Austro

End of 2nd Quarter

Penalties: Bengals 1 for 11 yards (plus one declined), Texans 1 for 5. Replay reviews: none.

Sat • 5:39 pm EST • Football Zebras staff

2nd Qtr | 2:19 Texans ball, 4th-and-3 at the Bengals 4. Shayne Graham 22-yard field goal is good. Texans 9-7.

Sat • 5:26 pm EST • Football Zebras staff

2nd Qtr | 9:38 Texans ball, 3rd-and-3 at the Texans 19. Matt Schaub pass is intercepted by Leon Hall, returned 21 yards for a touchdown (Josh Brown kick). Bengals 7-6.

Sat • 5:25 pm EST • Mark Schultz

2nd Qtr | 9:30.  Nice job by line judge Gary Arthur on the Bengals pick-six.  He had to reverse his field quickly, watch the sidelines, and not run into any sideline personnel. 

Sat • 5:12 pm EST • Football Zebras staff

2nd Qtr | 13:07 Texans ball,  4th-and-3 at the Bengals 9. Shayne Graham, 27-yard field goal is good. Texans 6-0.

Sat • 5:07 pm EST • Mark Schultz

2nd Qtr | 15:00 Riveron’s crew had a very uneventful first quarter.  In my opinion all the fouls were there.  If there were any butterflies at the kickoff they should be gone by now.  The crew is in a good rhythm. 

Sat • 5:07 pm EST • Ben Austro

End of 1st Quarter

Sat • 4:52 pm EST • Football Zebras staff

1st Qtr | 7:54 Texans ball,  4th-and-2 at the Bengals 30. Shayne Graham, 48-yard field goal is good. Texans 3-0.

Sat • 4:44 pm EST • Ben Austro

NBC just posted that this is Riveron’s third playoff game. Riveron did three playoff games as a side judge.

Sat • 4:37 pm EST • Ben Austro

Alberto Riveron is officiating his first Wild Card game tonight. He headed the AFC Championship crew last year, and has worked three Divisional Playoffs.

      Yr. Crew College Occupation
R 57 Alberto Riveron 9   Miami sales, commercial restaurant equipment
U 11 Fred Bryan 4 Corrente Northern Iowa superintendent, juvenile correctional facility
HL 48 Jim Mello 9 Riveron Northeastern facilities manager
LJ 108 Gary Arthur 16 Winter Wright State president, commercial printing company
FJ 33 Steve Zimmer 16 Riveron Hofstra attorney
SJ 58 Jimmy DeBell 4 Riveron SUNY-Brockport high school teacher
BJ 12 Greg Steed 10 Winter Howard computer systems analyst

7 comments for “Live blog: Bengals at Texans

  1. C.J.
    January 5, 2013 at 6:55 pm

    Solid game for the stripes through three quarters.

  2. Ben Austro
    January 5, 2013 at 7:01 pm

    Couldn’t agree more. Seem to be the only team that’s playing today.

  3. Ron Dwornik
    January 6, 2013 at 10:14 am

    About the Texans challenging the forward pass ruling in the 3rd quarter contending that it was a fumble. I don’t remember which team, if any, actually went after the ball but I do remember seeing a referee blowing his whistle and waving his arms as if to signal that the play was over. IF the play had been overturned would the whislte-blowing referee’s action been an issue? Should the Texans had been able to challenge once his whistle had been blown? The correct call was made but what if was later ruled a fumble? Would the Bengals have any recourse if they brought to the attention of the referees that, “Hey, the whistle was blown therefore we did not go after the ball”? Thank you in advance.

  4. Ben Austro
    January 6, 2013 at 11:50 am

    The rule was changed in 2009 that, if there is a clear and immediate recovery, the whistle can be disregarded for the recovery. The recovery must be seen by replay — there cannot be a scrum for the ball. This was worked in to the rulebook after Ed Hochuli’s terribly unfortunate inadvertent whistle on an incomplete pass that should have been a fumble recovery.

    No matter if the whistle actually blew or not, an incomplete pass that is reversed to a fumble can only give the recovering team the ball at the point of recovery. There cannot be any runback allowed.

    The Texans did recover the ball immediately, so if Dalton was ruled to have an empty hand while passing in replay (i.e., fumble), the Texans would have been awarded possession at the point of recovery.

  5. jimmy76
    January 6, 2013 at 12:11 pm

    What of the block in the back on Peko during one of the texans screen plays . The amount of times that Geno Atkins got held too,sure hope he got his wallet back after the muggings he took.