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Live Blog: Bengals at Texans

AFC Wild Card

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Sat • 7:45 pm EDT • 

A quiet second half, officiating-wise. Bengals were penalized 3 times for 25 yards, Texans 5 for 87. One Texans penalty declined. No second half challenges.

Sat • 7:13 pm EDT • 

4th qtr | 7:38 Not heard on TV: Bengals declined the penalty for delay of game prior to the punt. Still, they wound up being pinned inside the 10 yard line after the punt.

Sat • 7:10 pm EDT • 

Also by rolling forward and sticking the ball out, Gresham completed the process of the catch by making a football move. That could have been close, but certainly a catch.

Sat • 7:05 pm EDT • 

4th Qtr | 13:30 Decisive call on a catch by the Bengals’ Jermaine Gresham. He clearly had control and was down before the defender jarred it loose. No conference required.

Sat • 6:24 pm EDT • 

First half statistics

Bengals 2 penalties for 20 yards, Texans 3 for 72. Two challenges by the Bengals, both upheld, and the Bengals are without challenges throughout the rest of the game. No challenges by the Texans bench and no replay reviews initiated by the replay booth.

Sat • 6:15 pm EDT • 

Was that challenge because Lewis thought the receiver did not have control of the ball? The ball can move around while still maintaining control. Bad challenge

Sat • 5:56 pm EDT • 

2nd qtr | 2:00 Want to know why Blakeman’s crew is in the playoffs? They have been able to communicate and call a tight game through now. Good call to pick up the flag, as Texans lineman Mike Brisiel was pushed into the pile.

Sat • 5:55 pm EDT • 

2nd Qtr | 2:00 Good job picking up the flag on a late hit, as #65 Mike Brisiel of HOU was pushed into the pile by a defender.

Sat • 5:48 pm EDT • 

Blakeman announces the challenge as “down by contact.” Looks like CIN will be w/o challenges for the rest of the game

Sat • 5:48 pm EDT • 

I would even argue that Daniels had the ball and was down before the defender got his own hands around it. Play should be upheld.

Sat • 5:46 pm EDT • 

2nd qtr | 4:33 Looks like simultaneous possession, which goes to the receiver.

Sat • 5:38 pm EDT • 

2nd Qtr | 7:57 A.J. Green and Brice McCain had their arms tangled. Interference could have been called on either or both of them, so a good no-call.

Sat • 5:33 pm EDT • 

2nd Qtr | 9:02 Donald Lee was down by contact before the ball came out. The ground can’t cause a fumble.

Sat • 5:31 pm EDT • 

Blakeman rules that the runner is short; Bengals challenge fails

Sat • 5:31 pm EDT • 

2nd Qtr | 10:02 Replay shows that Benson’s elbow hit short of the 30. Call correctly upheld.

Sat • 5:30 pm EDT • 

Clearly short

Sat • 5:29 pm EDT • 

2nd qtr | 10:02 CIN challenges the spot in relation to a first down

Sat • 5:13 pm EDT • 

1st Quarter | 2:31 remaining | 7-7. Bernard Scott of the Bengals converted a 2nd and 1 for a first down. He seemed short, possibly, but the replay did not get a good shot of where the ball was when forward progress was stopped.

Sat • 5:11 pm EDT • 

Back to the personal foul, that was flagged (correctly) as a blow to head/neck area, not helmet-to-helmet

Sat • 5:02 pm EDT • 

1st Quarter | 6:31 remaining | Cin 7-0. Personal Foul for hitting a defenseless receiver to the head and neck on Reggie Nelson of Cincinnati. Looked like a good call live, and replay showed it clearly, good call.

Sat • 4:54 pm EDT • 

Second penalty of the game is a big one: 53 yards. Easy call for back judge Terrence Miles.

Today’s crew:

  • R — #34 Clete Blakeman (4th year, 2nd as referee)
  • U — #102 Bruce Stritesky (6th year)*
  • HL — #36 Tony Veteri (20th year)
  • LJ — #45 Jeff Seeman (10th year)
  • FJ — #82 Buddy Horton (13th year)
  • SJ — #78 Greg Meyer (10th year)
  • BJ — #111 Terrence Miles (4th year)
  • Alternates — Tom Barnes (#55, LJ from Scott Green’s crew), Lee Dyer (#27, BJ from Terry McAuley’s crew)

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  1. January 7, 2012 at 7:44 pm

    CHIEFS at Texans???

  2. Ben Austro
    January 7, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    WOW! How did that sneak in.